A few things I've learnt in menopause

First thing I've learnt is that it DOESN'T need to be a struggle. We seem to have a lot more information out there about peri and full blown menopause - but sifting through it to find the answers that work for you can be time consuming, and let's face it, a bit overwhelming.

After working with women now (on a 1:1 basis) who are perimenopausal I've realised a few things:

  1. Having a lot of the symptoms on the dreaded 'menopause symptom checkers' that I see, can make you feel you're falling apart! You're not.

  2. When you try to look at the symptoms you're experiencing as just that - symptoms - and take the focus away from "being menopausal' then something starts to shift.

  3. This is a transition time - and you need to be kind to yourself whilst you're going through it.

All these menopausal symptoms are just a way of your body letting you know it needs a bit of support and things brought back in to balance.

If you start looking at the symptoms you have - and working out the cause of the symptoms (and this will be very different for each person) then it becomes easier to find solutions (and start to feel better).

Sometimes just making a few changes can help enormously.

The top 5 ways to ease menopausal symptoms that have been effective for my clients are:

  • Resting - easier said than done I know, but where you can, then try to find that time.

  • Gentle activity - even just walking in nature for 30 mins a day.

  • Balancing blood sugar levels - hormones can go haywire with high/lows of constant consumption of sugar. Try eating a protein with each meal/have healthy fats instead/lower refined carb intake.

  • Lowering stress levels - meditation/breathing techniques/mindfulness/healing work/

  • Taking the right supplements for you and your symptoms (seek advice on this)

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Health & Happiness x

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