Anti-depressants in Menopause

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

“Anti-depressants didn’t help my menopause symptoms at all – they just made me feel nauseous and disconnected……. And I wasn’t even depressed in the first place!

This is a message I got from a client a while ago.

Why was she even prescribed antidepressants anyway? Sadly, I’ve seen this a few times with clients and even myself included.

The woman mentioned wasn’t feeling depressed – she felt slightly low in mood sometimes, a bit anxious about what was to come and some other peri-menopausal symptoms like:

  • Feeling a bit ‘cloudy’ and forgetful

  • Easily irritated

  • Some IBS symptoms

  • Weight gain around the tummy

  • Sleepless nights

The NICE guidelines now state that antidepressants should not be prescribed as a first line treatment for menopausal symptoms but it seems that this can still happen if you’re unable to take HRT (or don’t want to) and are showing some signs of peri-menopause and want advice.

It seems that some woman are still being prescribed anti-depressants when they don’t feel they need them and don’t want them, but they don’t know what else to do.

It’s a shame because the women I spoke to didn’t want anti-depressants as they weren’t feeling depressed. They just wanted support through the menopause and advice on how to navigate it (whether they eventually decided on taking HRT or not).

Let me know your thoughts: would you take anti-depressants for peri-menopausal symptoms?

I’ll be talking about this in my FB group:

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