Do you really NEED more glucose ?

Do we really need lots of glucose to raise our energy levels?

I’ve been posting about the effects of sugar on our bodies and how it affects our skin and the ageing process; but do we really understand how much it contributes to our energy levels?

We need glucose to enter the bloodstream and be broken down into small molecules to be utilised and also be taken into each cell.

It then helps to produce ATP – basically energy.

So yes, we do need it - but we don’t need as much as we think and we certainly don’t need it in the FORMS we are taking it!

We need around 6 tsp a day (for a woman) and around 9 tsp (for a man). Not much really.

We can easily get this from naturally occurring sugars found in veg, fruit and whole grains.

If we had a whole plant-based diet – we’d easily get enough glucose for our energy levels.

We don’t need to add anything at all!

The issue with our traditional Western diet today, is that we are getting the glucose from white, refined carbs and then adding in processed, packaged foods and sweet drinks too. Then possibly adding sugar to tea and coffee.

What can we do to maintain energy levels but not overload ourselves with glucose?

1. Don’t stress to much about it. If you’re eating a balanced diet, you’ll be getting enough sugar.

2. No need to add sugar. Try cutting down in your tea and coffee by a little bit each day until you don’t notice the difference.

3. Try and get your glucose needs from whole foods where the nutrients haven’t been stripped away – brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, oats, cruciferous veg and minimal fruits like red berries.

4. Ditch the processed, packaged ready meals that have more added sugar.

5. Eat a bit of protein if you’re hungry or have a drink of lemon water.

6. Keep away from sodas and fizzy drinks. They’re just not needed and have no nutritional value.

Remember, you’re easily getting your much needed energy from eating a balanced diet with NO refined carbs and fizzy drinks.

I’ll be delving into vitamins that help with fatigue next time so keep eyes peeled.

Health & Happiness x

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