Eat your way to happiness!

I was reading a social media post the other day about depression and it mentioned all the things you can do to help yourself – go for walk, take a shower, make something - all good advice.

But there was no real mention of diet and nutrition.

I found this surprising because I know (from personal experience) that what you feed your body, you feed your mind. And it made me wonder whether some people don’t realise the impact of what we eat and what we feed our body - and how this can impact our moods.

I know how much nutrition and diet can affect your health because I completely changed my life by changing my diet.

I was VERY stressed, feeling low (maybe depressed, I’m not sure), but definitely feeling low most days and starting to feel anxious and have panic attacks.

This lasted for a good 2 years - feeling up and down and completely overwhelmed.

That was a few years ago.

I now have more energy, clearer skin, less brain fog and more clarity, and I feel calm and at peace – that for me was the thing I noticed most – feeling at peace.

It wasn’t ALL due to diet and nutrition – some was due to healing, meditation and exercise, but I would say the biggest changes happened when I gave my mind an abundance of nutrients that helped to combat the low mood and anxiety.

So how DOES our food affect our mind?

We have lots of pathways going on that affect each other – the gut-brain axis being one.

This is where the two are in communication – they need to be (for example, our gut can signal our brain to release more digestive enzymes to break down the food).

But what is even more amazing is that our gut microbes help to perform the many functions that go on in the body. Our gut microbes help to produce serotonin for example 😊 and they also help to ensure our gut lining is tight and not permeable – we don’t want toxins, proteins and other ‘foreign’ particles getting through into the bloodstream causing inflammation.

It is this inflammation in the body that can interfere with these pathways that we need to be functioning well – if we have inflammation finding its way to the brain, it can disturb the neurotransmitters and the communication between the neurons – which then disrupts cognitive function (and moods).

It’s amazing isn’t it - that everything we put in our bodies can potentially affect our mind (and moods too).

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