Menopausal symptoms getting you down? Do these 3 things!

Updated: Apr 22

1. Keep a symptoms tracker

This may sound really simple but hear me out.

Sometimes its easy to think we are ALWAYS feeling low or we have CONSTANT night sweats or we feel we’re ALWAYS being irritable with those around us.

But actually, when you write it down and keep a log – it’s much easier to see what’s really going on.

I do this with clients for their menopause symptoms – but also with their food diaries – which is one of the things I first give clients.

All, bar none, have been surprised by their eating habits. Some have been horrified quite frankly, but that’s another story. The thing I see most actually is how little water my clients drink 😮

Again, a simple thing, but it makes a HUGE difference overall. So if you're getting frequent headaches for example, make sure you’re drinking enough as this can be a sign you’re a bit dehydrated.

But, back to menopause symptoms 😊- I’ve had clients who are then much clearer on

WHEN their symptoms are occurring – i.e at night or first thing in the morning. Remember your hormones shift throughout the day so it's good to get an idea of when your particular symptoms occur and see if there is a pattern.

then you can also see HOW OFTEN – you are actually having symptoms.

For instance, it may turn out you are getting one particular symptom every single day but it could actually be due to something else going on (not necessarily menopause). For instance, I had a client who felt extremely tired each morning, but was actually low in vitamin D and we got a much clearer picture of this when she did a symptom tracker.

2. Look at your diet

I know! Boring but true.

If you’re rushing your coffee in the morning with a sugar laden snack – then you can often expect to get that down turn later - not just in energy but in mood too.

All the time we are having a quick caffeine boost and then adding in SUGAR too – our body goes into survival cortisol stress mode again 😯 – and then, when the perceived stress is over (i.e. we’ve managed to get to work on time!) then blood sugar drops again.

It’s a bit of a cycle we don’t want to be in if we want to feel calm and have stable energy levels throughout the day.

One tip on this – have a bit of protein with your carbs – it will help to keep blood sugar stable and slow the release of glucose into your veins!

So I might have say an oatcake with nut butter instead of a sugary cereal. Or even something like gluten free pretzels with humous. Or, if you’re not in a rush and can make something like porridge oats with some seeds in – and then add a little bit of fruit like raspberries – that’s fine.

3. Take time out EACH day for YOU.

Again, it may sound simple – but I frequently hear that it isn’t as easy as it sounds. You’re busy, rushing to work, taking the kids to school, you have a business to run, or whatever it is, but it’s so important to take those 5 minutes – Actually I don’t even mean 5 minutes – I want you to take half an hour.

And I know it’s hard to do – I get it, I’m a single parent to 2 mad active boys, building my business, taking the kids to after school clubs, somehow managing to put a wash on, (although not putting those clothes away!)

BUT, try and find that time – whether it’s on the drive to work – listening to that podcast or audible book on the drive (that’s your time) or once you’ve dropped kids to school and are walking back home to work on your business (that’s me!) – I grab my coffee and walk back listening to a walking meditation sometimes – that’s my time – before the tasks for the day begin.

Whatever it is, you’ll be amazed how much calmer you can be, when you’re INTENTIONAL with your sacred half hour!

That’s it for now – if you’ve got any questions at all please do let me know –

Health & Happiness x

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