Nutrient team players

I’ve talked a bit about energy and the B vitamins needed to raise your levels if you’re feeling tired, sluggish or drained.

But what other vitamins and nutrients should we think about?

Let’s delve in and have a look at another nutrient* that can be beneficial if you’re feeling like your energy levels are low.

(* Remember – there could be other things going on for you so please always seek help from a qualified practitioner if you have any concerns) 😊.


What is it?

A compound found naturally in the body it helps other nutrients to perform many functions. As it’s name would suggest, it is a great team player (co enzyme) helping in lots of different functions:

✔️Helps to lower blood pressure

✔️Helps Vitamin E to recycle so aids detox of your free radicals!

✔️Helps cells to turn the glucose into energy

✔️Plays a central role in metabolism

✔️Great antioxidant

✔️Boosts immunity

Signs you could be deficient:

Lack of energy

Poor exercise tolerance

Poor immune function

Signs of ageing

Ways you can help CoQ10 be absorbed are by taking it with iron rich foods and B vitamins.

What to avoid : stimulants and sugar as these impede absorption. And the best way to make sure you're getting enough of this useful little enzyme? Eat these:

Sardines, mackerel, spinach, sesame seeds, walnuts and soya oil

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