Small habits to big changes

Consistency is key when it comes to being healthy.

We all know the basics about eating healthily and exercising and taking time to relax but without consistently putting this into practice we can end up in a cycle of feeling bad that we ate that bar of chocolate or that we aimed to make a meal from scratch but reached for a processed meal again.

It’s hard. It’s hard to make changes that will see results.

So here’s some tips I use myself to make me stay on track. Let me know what you think.

💪 It’s easier to form new habits when we give the habit a ‘time’ and ‘place’. For instance:

“I will (insert new habit) on a (days of week) at (time) because I know it will make me (insert the gain)

So for me this was about not eating so many processed meals and having a home made meal. Telling myself that I was busy wasn’t a good enough excuse anymore. I needed to change my habits.

“I will (cook one meal from scratch per week) on a (Sunday) at (midday) because I know it will be a small step to me eating healthily”.


“I will make (overnight oats) on a (Monday and Wednesday evening) because I want to have a nutritious quick breakfast ready for my busy Tuesday and Thursday mornings”.

Small changes attached to when, where and WHY will make you more inclined to stick to them.

💪 Make it seem inviting!

May seem silly, but honestly, this is a simple trick when it comes to changing habits and eating healthily.

For instance, I put all my dried chickpeas/split peas/lentils/rice/yellow pea pasta into lovely glass jars and make a display of them in my kitchen.

So when I’m looking around for what to cook – it’s all there. And a reminder of what I need to eat.

💪 Remind yourself regularly throughout the day WHY you’re doing it.

This is important as we can easily forget in the moment.

So if you’re trying to reduce your alcohol intake to 3 times a week instead of every single night, you’ll need to remember WHY you’re doing this – especially when you’re reaching for the lovely cold bottle of wine after a long, stressful day!

“I don’t want my glass of wine to become a habit after a long day, it takes the enjoyment out of it and makes me feel sluggish the next day. I will enjoy a nice cold glass of wine on (Friday) to reward myself for (completing that project/sticking to my new eating plan/finishing those invoices)”

What do you do to keep you consistent in your goals?

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