Sugar and Ageing

I have talked a lot about sugar and the damage it can cause throughout the body.

But what is it doing to your skin?

When sugar reacts with protein (and fat), compounds are created called ‘advanced glycation end-products’ (AGEs).

It’s this that is damaging to the skin – leading to a quicker ageing process, more wrinkled skin and the cells of the skin becoming hardened and thickened. It also makes the collagen more brittle and less ‘elastic’.

Some of the signs that may show up are:

➡️ Skin can look hard and shiny

➡️ There are deep crevices in your face

➡️ You have discolouration of the skin

➡️ Sagging around the jowls of the face

➡️ Lines around the mouth

So what can you do?

🍇 Eat less refined sugars – white pasta and bread; sweets; biscuits; cakes; foods with high fructose corn syrup and caramel.

🍇 Eat more slow release sugars – oats and quinoa are good.

🍇 Avoid high heat cooking – try steaming or poaching your food where possible. Lower temperatures for a shorter amount of time keeps the AGEs lower.

🍇 Avoid fried foods and anything highly processed.

🍇 Limit red meat and margarine.

🍇 Avoid heating oils like olive oil (use cold on a salad or in a dressing).

🍇 Add cinnamon to food – yes, the lovely cinnamon again! It’s been shown to limit glycation.

🍇 And, of course, drink plenty of water (helps to flush out toxins and keep skin supple)

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