Top Tips in Menopause

As we’re coming towards the end of Menopause Awareness Month – I thought I’d give a few tips on how to transition nicely and help alleviate some of the symptoms you may experience.

Top Tip #1

Make sure you get enough protein.

A woman’s protein needs increase in menopause because as the oestrogen levels decrease so too will muscle mass and bone density.

Protein is really important at this time as not only does it help with repairing and strengthening muscles and keeping bones strong, it also helps to make hormones.

Not only that, but eating enough protein for your changing body means you’ll be less likely to snack or overeat as you’ll be less hungry if you aim to eat a source of protein with each meal.

AND, in addition – it will help with any blood sugar spikes as it helps to slow the release of the carbohydrates in the bloodstream.

You’ve got to love how much protein is helping you through menopause!

Good sources are:

  • Lean protein like turkey.

  • Fatty fish like salmon (also rich in vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids – in fact, omega 3s have been linked to a reduction in night sweats too!)

  • Lentils – also packed with folate, iron, potassium and fibre.

Top Tip #2

Avoid trigger foods that can contribute to symptoms like night sweats, brain fog and tiredness.

Common culprits are:

  • Alcohol – partly because alcohol is a toxin that can be difficult to eliminate if our body is trying to eliminate excess hormones at the same time.

  • Spicy foods – these tend to dilate the blood vessels triggering hot flashes.

  • Refined carbs – not surprisingly, these lead to a spike in blood sugar, an increase in insulin resistance and hot flashes. These blood sugar spikes also tend to dip causing the typical ‘afternoon slump’ and causing you to feel tired.

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