What's your Gut Gripe?

We all have some kind of gut issue going on (even if we don’t know it yet!).

Having great gut health is imperative to EVERYTHING!

It is, after all, referred to as our ‘second brain’. 🧠 It knows everything!

We get signs of this from time to time - or maybe regularly, depending on what’s going on for you – which let’s us know our Gut isn’t happy with something.

Maybe it needs more enzyme production to digest our protein, fats and carbs; maybe histamine production is being over-stimulated causing itching and redness; maybe our gut is just ‘grumbling’ a bit – making us head to the toilet, or feel a bit nauseas or bloated.

Whatever the signs are, it’s helpful to pay attention and listen as our gut could be trying to tell us something.

What signs or symptoms is your GUT telling you? Let me know below in the comments or join my FB group and let me know over there!



What’s the impact of ignoring our Gut symptoms?

Your gut is really clever at letting you know it’s not happy with something so it’s good to listen to this and take some action.

The impact of not listening when your Gut is grumbling is that it can lead on to impact your health in many ways.

For example, with constant constipation, your body is holding on to toxins which need to be eliminated so you may, over a period of time, find your skin is a bit inflamed or itchy or you could be low in energy (assimilation of vital nutrients will be impacted by impaction or not eliminating as often).

Our gut health is so important, because, as we now know, it impacts many conditions:

For instance, if you have an autoimmune condition – healing your gut lining can impact the severity as we know that if we have a ‘leaky gut’ where particles from the digestive tract are ‘leaking’ into the bloodstream, this will impact our immune system as it tries to deal with these ‘foreign’ particles and causes an immune response.

Do you have any symptoms of gut dysbiosis?

These can include:






Breaking wind

Acid reflux


Again, let me know in the comments – or head to my FB group.

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